Surf Trips Tips

Surf Trips Tips
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Little Timmy loves to surf. He’s desperate to go on a surf trip. I spoke to him about his plans, and tried to point the little fella in the right direction.

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‘Hmmm, is predicting a 10ft swell, at 25 second intervals, in ten days time. I’m there.’

No, Timmy, that’s what we call a schoolboy error. Everyone knows that long range forecasts predict good stuff, only for it to magically become one foot onshore junk in time for the more reliable three day prediction.

‘I love Kelly and Taj and Parko. I’m going to go on a trip to Huntingdon at the same time as the WCT so I can surf with my hero’s’.

Sorry Timmy, but Kelly, Taj and Parko don’t want to surf with you. What’s more, 42 of their fellow bro’s, each with 3 of their own bros, a load of industry bros and some of their bros will be there, and they don’t want to play either. Yes the sea is big. But at contest time, it’s not that big, and you’re not going to get a single wave.

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‘I saw a pretty picture of a wave called Pipeline. It looks fun, fun, fun.’

Timmy, remember how I told you the pros were mean? Well Hawaiians are a cut above. If you go there, you won’t get a wave. Even if you do, Pipe isn’t a fluffy bunny. When you get licked at third reef, you’ll probably wish the Hawaiians got to you first. Remember, poster waves attract the crowds to match.

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‘One break is all I need.’

Variety is king, Timothy. Traveling to a place with only one break means that you’ve drastically reduced your chances of glory. You’re on a surf trip right? Well then, head somewhere with a pile of breaks that work in different conditions. Your time in the water will increase, as will the amount of fun you have.

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‘Research is something you do at school.’

Listen up, Kid. We just established that time in the water is the name of the game here. By turning up somewhere and having to work everything out from scratch you’re minimizing this. Work out which breaks work on which swells. Find some possible places to stay. Know how to get to them from the airport. Time spent planning is time saved when it really counts.

‘The people at the leading airlines are wonderful. They won’t mind if I turn up with a board or two will they?’ flights

Timmy, most airlines hate surfboards. They’d prefer it if you rocked up with Osama Bin Laden in tow than with a bag full of sticks. Call them before you book to make sure they’ll accept your precious cargo. And place a cheeky foot under the end of your board bag when it’s getting weighed to save yourself $ $ $ ‘s in excess baggage.

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‘I’m American. When I go abroad those foreign types will speak my language right?’

Travel is all about learning. Be open minded Timmo. Learn a few words. Take on board the different ways in which people live and you’ll get respect back, both in the lineup and from the people you meet day to day. Observe local customs and traditions, and don’t be afraid to give things a go.

‘I love my 6’6 soooo much. It’s all I’m ever going to need’


Timmy, boards are made from nothing stronger than some foam and a few layers of fiberglass. If you so much as look at a board the wrong way you might just snap it. Invest in a quiver. Sitting out good waves because you bust your only board is quite possibly the definition of grief

‘I’m the strongest little boy I know. I’ll never get hurt.’

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I’m stoked for you bud. But here’s the kicker- landing head first on coral in Indo might change this. The USA has a pretty solid health set up, but different countries have different standards. Health insurance will really help you out if you get cleaned up. It happens to the best of us, Timmy, so there’s every chance it’ll happen to you too. A basic first aid kit is also a must. Clean those reef cuts when you get them; it’ll save you from grief in the long run.

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‘My pop told me that a trip isn’t a trip unless you get on a plane’

Wrong again. Piling into a car with your mates, a few tents and a load of boards can be just as rewarding as any trip abroad. It’s the spirit of adventure that counts bud. That and scoring some pumping surf.

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You may have realized that Little Timmy isn’t real by now. I mean, honestly, whose first name is Little? But there are plenty of Little Timmy’s out there folks. Don’t be one yourself. Follow these words of wisdom and get more from your time in the water and your experiences on the shore.

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Kayaking Trips

Kayaking Trips

Kayaking is considered as among favourite tasks which seems like a packet of Pringles. Why during your travel that you do not try to be a taster of sea kayaking or canoeing? This short article share you even more the ultimate kayaking trips worth performing.


(1) Canoe Safari in Mana Pools nationwide Park, Zimbabwe, among the top 10 game reserves in Africa. Safaris are quite run-of-the-mill today, but also for individuals with a passion for canoes and a love of wildlife, you really can not fail. Paddle through the still liquid of this Mana Pools and watch the elephants, hippos and herds of buffalo from a dug down Canadian canoe on the river…


(2) Kayaking Milford Sound in New Zealand – if you are probably brand new Zealand, then there’s no reason for perhaps not going to Milford Sound in the South Island. Many people explore here by-boat, but why not decide to try the water in a kayak and go through the majestic beauty close-up? With waterfalls cascading down sheer cliffs and verdant mountains providing impressive backdrops, that is our mother earth at her best.


(3) JohnstoneStrait Kayaking. This section of liquid, at the north-end of Vancouver Island, Canada, established fact for its yearly site visitors – killer whales, or orca. Witnessing these amazing animals upfront has to rate up indeed there as an out of the world knowledge. And when the wildlife isn’t adequate to whet urge for food, the rocky shore range keeps many coves and shores to explore, also a dense rainforest inland for walking.


(4) water Kayaking in Greece – climate, food, wealthy record and amazing coastlines, Greece is a perfect location for summertime holiday breaks. The small island of Milos, a 4 hour ferry ride from Athens, is among the jewels in this nation’s top. With over 130km of coastline to explore and over 150 water caves, there’s lots for adventurous ocean kayaker to explore here. With abbey-like roofs, interesting passages and dark tunnels to research many great snorkelling too, that is a concealed treasure.


(5) Kayak the TwinLakes in Alaska – Lake Clark National Park in South Central Alaska is made up of turquoise lakes and thick spruce and poplar woodlands. This can be true backwoods nation, with dramatic mountains and numerous wildlife including bears and caribou. This is the solitude of kayaking right here this is certainly so appealing. Remote, calm and wild, kayaking on one of this two big ponds here is not about adrenalin, but consuming the remote and awe-inspiring scenery.


(6) Kayaking the Galapagos – With over 100 islets and crags to explore, there clearly was lots of range hereto log off the outdone track and from the hoards of tourists to locations that the big ships merely cannot achieve. Both in the sea and on land there is certainly a fascinating useful flora and fauna to realize plus a spot with seen such ecological exploitation, exploring using your very own steam by paddle need a negligible effect on the wildlife.


(7) Kayaking in Mexico – The Sea of Cortez, off Mexico’s Baja Peninsula, hosts close to 100 islands, them all enveloped by crystal blue seas. Loreto Bay, in the water, is a designated Unesco World Heritage Site and it is truth be told there to protect the great marine life found there. Water kayaking in the winter season is all about the whales. Blue whales, over five time more than a typical sea kayak, migrate to these seas, alongside their smaller, but believe it or not magnificent family members, humpback, fin and Sei Whales.


(8) Kayaking chicken‘s Coast – The rocky coast of South West Turkey’s Turquoise Coast provides an excellent location for water kayakers – novices and intermediate alike. There is real variety can be found the girl, with quiet bays, large high cliffs and key caves. The Taurus Mountains form an extraordinary background, and also the shoreline is interspersed with sandy shores, in which turtles creep up at night to set their particular eggs.


(9) Kayaking in the Scottish Highlands – The Highlands, in North West Scotland, tend to be a remarkable area for kayaking, with lochs and a stunning coastline on top of that. The Forth of Lorn provides among planet’s best water kayaking venues, with rugged islets and difficult tide races to navigate. Crags and dark caverns should be expected, utilizing the ever-changing weather condition contributing to the excitement and challenge. Maybe not when it comes to faint-hearted.


(10) Canoeing the Amazon – Based in the North East of Ecuador, the Aguas Negras River is in the center of the Cuyabeno Reserve. This can be remote and off the outdone track at its most readily useful. With overloaded woodland and lakes connected by blackwater streams, you can easily paddle into the heart of this Rainforest, making the modern world far behind you. Add to that, parrots and toucans flying overhead and dolphins, anacondas and caimans when you look at the water along with a pretty magical journey!


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